2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships - Day 7

DAY 7, Friday, October 6


Day 7 of the 2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at Britain’s National Cycling Centre in Manchester saw eight World titles won and Santini rainbow jerseys awarded to the winning riders from around the world along with Gold UCI medals.

The day was a mix of races with Men's Sprinting, Scratch Races, Team Pursuit and a Team Sprint.

In the Men's 35/39 Scratch race, eventual winner, Andrew Magnier lead the sprint out with over a lap to go and held on to win the title of World Champion. In the Men's 40/44 Scratch Race, Simon Wilson rode a stunning race, lapping many of his rivals twice and near the end, chased down Chris Kerdijk (Ned) and sprinted to the victory to win yet another World title.

In the Team Pursuit, the British OHTEN Aveas quartet caught their Austalian rivals just after 2 kilometres to clinch the World Championship for that event. In the Team Sprint, in a highly competitive competition, the Czech Republic saw off the strong challenge of the USA to win that events World championship. In the Men's sprint, three of the categories saw the riders so closely matched, that three of the categories went to a decider match in the best of three competition. In one of them, James Joseph (Guyana) was leading as he and his rival Kurt Sato (USA) came into the home straight when Sato crashed and in the rerun of the match, James Joseph presented himself on the finish line to win as Sato was unable to race him a fourth a time that night after his very fast crash.

Top nation on the night was Great Britain with three World titles whilst there were world titles also for Czech Republic, USA, New Zealand, France and Guyana. A truly international competition.

A list of the results from the finals is below whilst all the results can be found on the event website. Day 8, the final day, will commence on the morning of October 7.


  • Men's 35/39 Scratch Race: Andrew Magnier (Gbr)
  • Men's 40/44 Scratch Race: Simon Wilson (Gbr)
  • Men's 55/64 Team Pursuit: OHTEN Aveas 55+ (Gbr) (Robert Musio, Martin Perrett, Adrian Dent, Mike Twelves)
  • Men's 45/45 Team Sprint: Czech Republic (David Gottard, Petr Malasek, Petre Neuirt)
  • Men's 65/69 Sprint: James Joseph (Guyana)
  • Men's 70/74 Sprint: Jean Louis Duble (Fra)
  • Men's 75-79 Sprint: Colin Claxton (NZL)
  • Men's 80 Sprint: James Kloss (USA)


Men's 55/64 Team Pursuit
1. OHTEN Aveas 55+ (Robert Musio, Martin Perrett, Adrian Dent, Mike Twelves)
2. Australia (Gary Mandy, Peter Felstead, Dave Fairburn, Bill Gordin)
3. USA (Brian Abers, Eric Brown, Stevan, Joseph Paulson)

Men's 35/39 Scratch Race
1. Andrew Magnier (Gbr)
2. Tom Grigson, (Gbr)
3. John Brearly (Gbr)

Men's 40/44 Scratch Race
1. Simon Wilson (Gbr)
2. Chris Kerdijk (Ned)
3. Alistair Rutherford (Gbr)

Men's 45/45 Team Sprint
1. Czech Republic (David Gottard, Petr Malasek, Petre Neuirt)
2. Team USA (Charles Moore, William Wong, Kenneth Todd)
3. Velobike (Gbr) (Tony Brooks, John McClelland, Lee Staples)

Men's 65/69 Sprint
1. James Joseph (Guyana)
2. Kurt Sato (USA)
3. Jay Wolkof (USA)

Men's 70/74 Sprint
1. Jean Loius Duble (Fra)
2. Marc Dangleterre (Fra)
3. Peter Humphries (Gbr)

Men's 75-79 Sprint
1. Colin Claxton (NZL)
2. Geoff Cooke (Gbr)
3. Jim Veal (Aust)

Men's 80 Sprint
1. James Kloss (USA)
2. Earl Henry (TT0)
3. John Mason (Gbr) 


  • PHOTO 1: With a very convincing ride, the British quartet Robert Musio, Martin Perrett, Adrian Dent and Mike Twelves won the Men's 55/64 Team Pursuit capping off a successful championships for the team
  • PHOTO 2: The night saw a lot of close finishes for the Santini rainbow jerseys in the Men's sprints and three of the finals all went to decider (third) matches in the best of three to decide who was going to be champion.
  • PHOTO 3: The Australians had a successful championships yet again after their trip from the other side of the World. On day 7 they came away with a Silver medal in the Men's Pursuit
  • PHOTO 4: In the Team Sprint, it was the team from the Czech Republic that were fastest on Day 7 and got to stand on the top step of the podium to get their Gold medals
  • PHOTO 5: With a stunning ride that saw Simon Wilson wearing a very special looking race skin suit, the North West of England rider lapped a lot of his rivals twice to win yet another Santini Rainbow jersey in the Men's 40/44 Scratch Race
  • PHOTO 6: There was another Gold for Britain in the 35/39 Scratch Race when Andrew Magnier bossed the final laps to lead out the lead group with over a lap to go and held on to win his first Santini Rainbow jersey of the championships

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