2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships - Day 6

DAY 6, Thursday, October 5


Day 6 of the 2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at Britain’s National Cycling Centre in Manchester saw a load more World Champions crowned in lots of Masters age categories
with no less than eleven World Champion Santini rainbow jerseys awarded to riders from country's around the world such as Australia, New Zealand, Italy, USA and of course, Great Britain.

The day was a mix of races with Points racing dominating the race programme for both men and women along with a Team Pursuit, Team Sprint and a Men's Match Sprint. The most successful nation on the night was Britain with six Gold medals, while New Zealand came away with two Golds and there was one each for Australia, USA, and Italy.

A list of the results from the finals is below whilst all the results can be found on the event website. Day 7 will commence on the morning of October 6 with the evening session shown live on YouTube.


  • Men's 35/44 Team Pursuit: North West, Gbr (Scott Burns, Alistair Rutherford, Simon Wilson, Stephen Feeney)
  • Women's 35/39 Points: Charlotte Parnham (Gbr)
  • Women's F40/49 Points: Louise Haston, Gbr
  • Women's 55-59 Points: Janet Birkmyre, Gbr
  • Women's 60-64 Points: Lindsay Clarke, Gbr
  • Men's 50/54 Points: Ian Cooper, Gbr
  • Men's 45/49 Sprint: Dario Zampieri, Ita
  • Men's 55/64 Team Sprint: Australia (Chris Murray, Alan Townsend, Gary Mandy, Geoff Stoker)
  • Women's 45-49 Points: Minque Snieders, USA
  • Women's 50-54 Points: Penny Pawson, Nzl
  • Men's 45/49 Points: Chris Allington, NZL


Men's 35/44 Team Pursuit
1. North West, Gbr (Scott Burns, Alistair Rutherford, Simon Wilson, Stephen Feeney)
2. Derby Masters, Gbr (Adam Kenway, Andrew Magnier, Michael Kirkland, Antony Wallis)
3. Poland (Adrian Swiderski, Krzysztof, Robert Szczepaniak, Leszek Sobieszek)

Men's 55/64 Team Sprint
1. Australia (Chris Murray, Alan Townsend, Gary Mandy, Geoff Stoker)
2. RBX-Team 24 Roubaix, Fra (Franck Calcus, Eric Gaumet, Laurent Gautier)
3. GB1 (David Ellis, Chris Pyatt, Lee Rowe, Paul Turner)

Women's 35/39 Points
1. Charlotte Parnham (Gbr)
2. Feodora Rayner, Gbr
3. Joanna Smith, Gbr

Women's F40/49 Points
1. Louise Haston, Gbr
2. Alison Fovargue, Gbr
3. Rebecca Rimmington, Gbr 

Women's 45-49 Points
1. Minque Snieders, USA
2. Marissa Axell, USA
3. Melanie Dobbins, Gbr

Women's 50-54 Points
1. Penny Pawson, Nzl
2. Christine Dercole, USA
3. Jude Paterson, Gbr

Women's 55-59 Points
1. Janet Birkmyre, Gbr
2. May Britt Valand, Nor
3. Maria Mora Cirer, Spain

Women's 60-64 Points
1. Lindsay Clarke, Gbr
2. Barbara Wiles, Gbr
3. Orla Hendron, Irl

Men's 45/49 Sprint
1. Dario Zampieri, Ita
2. Joshua McDonald, USA
3. Charles Moore, USA

Men's 50/54 Points
1. Ian Cooper, Gbr
2. Frederic Coste, Fra
3. Michael Miller, USA

Men's 45/49 Points
1. Chris Allington, NZL
2. Jonthan Harris, Gbr
3. Anthony Gibb, Gbr


  • PHOTO 1: Teams in the Men's Team Sprint (55/64) celebrate their medals on the podium.
  • PHOTO 2: The evening competition on Day 6 was dominated by Points Races on the boards of Manchester.
  • PHOTO 3: The Men's Team Pursuit competition was won by a team from the North West of England ahead of a Derbyshire one and in third, the team from Poland.
  • PHOTO 4: Dario Zampieri of Italy brings his daughter to the podium to celebrate winning the Men's 45/49 Sprint ahead of Joshua McDonald of the USA
    and Charles Moore, also from the USA
  • PHOTO 5: It is easy to see how happy being on the podium makes the riders as Britain's Lindsay Clarke celebrates winning the Santini Rainbow jersey ahead of fellow Brit Barbara Wiles and Ireland's Orla Hendron
  • PHOTO 6: Dario Zampieri of Italy celebrates victory in the Men's 45/49 Sprint competition.
  • PHOTO 7: Gary Mandy leads the Gold medal winning Australian trio in the Team Sprint

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