2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships - Day 8

DAY 8, Tuesday, October 7


The final day of competition of the 2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at Britain’s National Cycling Centre in Manchester was a busy one with no less than 14 World Champion Santini rainbow jerseys awarded to riders from around the world. The day was a mix of races with Women's Sprinting, Men's Individual Pursuiting, a Points race and a Team Pursuit. The day finished with a non championship Scratch race, the Cossavella Memorial.

The most successful nation on the night was Great Britain with five Gold medals, whilst Australia and the USA took away two Gold medals each. There were also Gold medals for France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and the Czech Republic, an example of how international the event was in Manchester.

A list of the results from the podiums is below whilst all the results can be found on the event website.


  • Men's 45/54 Team Pursuit: IDD Expert (Fra) (Ludovic Montourcy, Jerome Pruvost, Frederic Authouart, Frederic Coste)
  • Men's 40/44 Points: Chris Kerkdijk, Ned
  • Men's 65/69 Individual Pursuit: Steve Cronshaw, Gbr
  • Men's 70/74 Individual Pursuit: Kent Bostick, USA
  • Men's 75-79 Individual Pursuit: Colin Claxton, NZL
  • Men's 80+ Individual Pursuit: Walter Fowler, Gbr
  • Women's 44/49 Sprint: Sonja Moi, Norway
  • Women's 50/54 Sprint: Julie Cooper, Gbr
  • Women's 55-59 Sprint: Debbie Capewell, Gbr
  • Women's Sprint 60-64: Julie Barnett, AUS
  • Women's 65-69 Sprint: Beverley Anderson, AUS
  • Women's 80+ Sprint: Bonnie Woodbury, USA
  • Women's 40/44 Sprint: Kristy Howels, Gbr
  • Women's 35/39 Sprint: Zuzana Rychnovska, Cze


Men's 45/54 Team Pursuit:
1. IDD Expert (Fra) (Ludovic Montourcy, Jerome Pruvost, Frederic Authouart, Frederic Coste)
2. Team OHTEN Aveas, Gbr (James Perkins, Joel Stewart, Rob West, Ian Cooper, David Ellis)

Men's 40/44 Points
1. Chris Kerkdijk, Ned
2. Alistair Rutherford, Gbr
3. Adrian Swiderdski, Pol

Men's 65/69 Individual Pursuit
1. Steve Cronshaw, Gbr
2. Lawrence Nolan, USA
3. Bill Gordin, Aus 

Men's 70/74 Individual Pursuit
1. Kent Bostick, USA
2. Malcolm Freeman, Gbr
3. Ken Whitehead, Gbr

Men's 75-79 Individual Pursuit
1. Colin Claxton, NZL
2. Graham Truelove, Gbr
3. Michel Briat, Fra

Men's 80+ Individual Pursuit:
1. Walter Fowler, Gbr
2. David Salway, Gbr
3. John Mason, Gbr

Women's 35/39 Sprint
1. Zuzana Rychnovska, Cze
2. Joanna Smith, Gbr

Women's 40/44 Sprint
1. Kristy Howels, Gbr

Women's 44/49 Sprint
1. Sonja Moi, Norway
2. Ruth Whelan, NZL
3. Carolien van Herrikhuzen, NED

Women's 50/54 Sprint:
1. Julie Cooper, Gbr
2. Christine D'Ercole, USA

Women's 55-59 Sprint
1. Debbie Capewell, Gbr
2. Janni Bormann Pederson, Den
3. Gea Johnson, USA

Women's Sprint 60-64
1. Julie Barnett, AUS
2. Anna Whitten, AUS
3. Diane Suddth, USA

Women's 65-69 Sprint
1. Beverley Anderson, AUS
2. Penny Kingsland, GBR

Women's 80+ Sprint:
Bonnie Woodbury

Non Championship - Brian Cossavella Memorial
1. Damien Charlot, Fra
2. David Gottard, Cze
3. Chris Kerkdijk, Ned


  • PHOTO 1: Colin Claxton from New Zealand was one of the most succesfull of the riders in the 75-79 age category at the World Masters
  • PHOTO 2: The IDD Expert team from France won the Team Pursuit for 45 to 54 category riders on Day 8
  • PHOTO 3: British Cycling President Bob Howden was there for several days presenting the prizes. Bob not only organises a major race (Ryedale Grasscrete Grand Prix) but is also seen at races judging the finishes and as a VIP presenting at the podiums.
  • PHOTO 4: The Non Championship Brian Cossavella Memorial was won by Damien Charlot of France from David Gottard (Cze) and Chris Kerkdijk (Ned).
  • PHOTO 5: Debbie Capewell of Great Britain clinches the Women's 55-59 Sprint from Janni Bormann Pederson of Denmark
  • PHOTO 6: In an all Australian final for the Gold medal in the Women's Sprint 60-64 caegory, Julie Barnett (in Santini Aussie green and gold) saw off the strong challenge of Anna Whitten.
  • PHOTO 7: A truly international podium in the Men's 65/69 Individual Pursuit saw Britain's Steve Cronshaw hold off the challenge of the USA's Larry Nolan whilst Bill Gordin of Australia won the Bronze medal.
  • PHOTO 8: Young cyclists from the local Manchester club helped to present the medals and Santini jerseys all week at the World Masters Championships

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