2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships - Day 3

DAY 3, Monday, October 2nd


Day 3 of the 2023 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at Britain’s National Cycling Centre in Manchester kicked off at 10 am with the early qualififcation rounds of the Men's 35-39 Sprint, Men's Sprint 40-44, Men's Individual Pursuit 55-59 and Men's Individual Pursuit 60-64. After that was completed, there was a break until the afternoon when a busy night of racing took place on the Manchester Velodrome boards where no less than 15 World titles were decided for both men and women.

The most successful nation on the night was Great Britain with five Gold medals whilst Australia and New Zealand both came away with three Golds. USA won two golds and there were Gold medals for Norway and Latvia as well.

A list of the results from the finals is below whilst all the results can be found on the event website. Day 4 finals night will commence at 5.30pm which will be shown live on YouTube.


  • Women's Scratch Race 65-69 Plus: Beverley Anderson (Aus)
  • Womens's Scratch Race 60-64: Julie Barnett (Aus)
  • Women's Scratch Race 55-59: Janet Birkmyre (Gbr)
  • Women's Scratch Race 50-54: Penny Pawson (Nzl)
  • Women's Scratch Race 45/49: Sonja Moi (Nor)
  • Women's Scratch Race 40-44: Alison Fovargue (Gbr)
  • Women's Scratch Race 35/39: Charlotte Parnham (Gbr)
  • Men's Time Trial 45/49: Bruce Croall (Gbr)
  • Men's Time Trial 50/54: Aniars Kiksis (Lat)
  • Men's Individual Pursuit 55-59: Brian Hass (USA)
  • Men's Individual Pursuit 60/64: Mike Twelves (Gbr)
  • Men's Scratch Race 65/69: Bill Gordin (Aus)
  • Men's 70-74 Scratch Race: Kent Bostick (USA)
  • Men's 75+ Scratch Race: Colin Claxton (Nzl)
  • Men's 80+ Scratch Race: James Kloss (USA)


Women's 65-69 Plus Scratch Race:
1. Beverley Anderson (Aus

Womens's Scratch Race 60-64:
1. Julie Barnett (Aus)
2. Lindsay Clarke (Gbr)
3. Lilian Pfluke (USA)

Women's Scratch Race 50-54:
1. Penny Pawson (Nzl)
2. Christine D'Ercole (USA)
3. Sheri-Ann Prossalentis (Aus)

Women's Scratch Race 55-59:
1. Janet Birkmyre (Gbr)
2. Debbie Capewell (Gbr)
3. Carol Scott (Gbr)
* Janet was the overall race winner for the 55+ race

Women's Scratch Race 45/49:
1. Sonja Moi (Nor)
2. Monique Snieders (USA)
3. Carolien van Herrikhuzen (Ned)
* Sonja Moi (Nor) was the overall race winner in the 45-54 race

Women's Scratch Race 40-44:
1. Alison Fovargue (Gbr)
2. Louise Aston (Gbr)
3. Rebecca Rimmington (Gbr)

Women's Scratch Race 35/39:
1. Charlotte Parnham (Gbr)
2. Joanna Smith (Gbr)
3. Feodora Rayner (Gbr)
* Charlotte Parnham (Gbr) was the winner of the Women's 35-44 race

Men's Time Trial 45/49:
1. Bruce Croall (Gbr)
2. Geoffroy Soulaine (Fra)
3. Chris Allington (Nzl)

Men's Time Trial 50/54:
1. Aniars Kiksis (Lat)
2. Daniel Rickard (Aus)
3. Richard Clarke (Gbr)

Men's Individual Pursuit 55-59:
1. Brian Hass (USA)
2. Robert Muzio (Gbr)
3. Peter Felstead (Aus)

Men's Individual Pursuit 60/64:
1. Mike Twelves (Gbr)
2. Mark Wiffen (Gbr)
3. Gary Mandy (Aus)

Men's Scratch Race 65/69:
1. Bill Gordin (Aus)
2. Lawrence Nolan (USA)
3. Graham Barclay (Gbr)

Men's 70-74 Scratch Race:
1. Kent Bostick (USA)
2. Malcolm Freeman (Gbr)
3. Christian Muselet (Fra)

Men's 75+ Scratch Race:
1. Colin Claxton (Nzl)
2. Geoff Cooke (Gbr)
3. Michel Francois (Fra)
* Colin Claxton (Nzl) was the overall winner of the Men's 75+ race

Men's 80+ Scratch Race:
1. James Kloss (USA)
2. Earl Henry (TTO)
3. John Mason (Gbr)


  • Photo 1 - All the Women's scratch races had good numbers racing for the Rainbow jerseys - race here is led by 65+ winner Beverely Anderson of Australia
  • Photo 2 - Aniars Kiksis (Latvia) racing his way to Gold in the Men's Time Trial 50/54 
  • Photo 3 - One of three Gold medals for New Zealand was won by Colin Claxton (Nzl) who outsprinted British legend Geoff Cooke in the Men's 75+ Scratch Race
  • Photo 4 - One of five rainbow jersey winners for Great Britain was Alison Fovargue (Gbr) in the Women's Scratch Race category of 40-44. On the left is silver medallist Louise Aston (Gbr) and on the right Rebecca Rimmington (Gbr)

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