2019 UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships DAY 2, Sunday, OCT 13

It was four Gold medals apiece for British riders and those from Australia on Day 2 of the UCI World Masters Track Cycling Championships at the Manchester Velodrome on Sunday. There was also Gold for Poland and the USA.

Three of GB's Golds came in the Team Pursuit event with two for the Women and one for the Over 65 men. In the Women's finals, the 35to 44 age group one was a nail biter between two British teams and after the Sirens of the Pine team were declared winners on the score board straight after they crossed the line, after a closer look at the finish, the win went to Torq Performance by hundredths of a second.

The next Gold for Gbr in the 45-54 was even more dramatic. The USA team (Pursuit of Happiness) were certainly doing that in the first half of the race, closing the gap to their British rivals.

Then the team from USA lost a rider and made the mistake of not slowing for her and instead, two of the team caught the British team Swing up Sisters but soon realised they were missing a teammate. As they backed off to wait for rider three (3 to count for the team's time), the British foursome powered along to clinch the Gold by almost three seconds.

The third Gold for Britain was in the men's 65 plus Team Pursuit who caught their rivals from the USA in the final kilometre of the race off. The final Gold for GB came in the Men's Individual Pursuit for 45 to 49 where Joel Stewart won his final convincingly against fellow Brit, Andrew Bruce.


The Aussies four Gold medals all came in Individual races against the clock. In the time trials held on the night, Geoff Stoker and Gary Mandy, with great track records at winning titles at the world master’s, continued to do so with convincing victories.

The other two Aussie Gold medals came in the Pursuits with Bradley Norton winning his final (35-39) by almost two seconds from Ribble Pro Cycling’s Simon Wilson whilst in the Men’s 40-44 final, Ben Neppl from Australia had an almost eight second winning margin over British rival Robert West.

Poland also made the top step of the podium with a Gold medal in the men’s 50-54 sprint for Marek Skorski. The final against Brian Abers of the USA was far from a walk over with two photo finishes but the Polish rider won the title in two straight rides.

The final Gold medal went to the USA’s Almost Heaven team in the Women’s team pursuit in the 55-64 age category. They caught the British foursome in 1.40.542.

Day 3 starts at 9am on Monday with lots of Sprint and Pursuit qualifying events. The evening session starts 5.30pm and will be live on YouTube.

- Women's Team Pursuit (35-44): Jennifer George, Maddy Moore, Mel Sneddon, Jan Birkmyre (35-44) (Gbr)

- Women's Team Pursuit(45-54): Julie Scales, Jayne Daine, Lindsay Clarke, Lynne Biddulph (Gbr)

- Women's Team Pursuit (55-64): Mindee Stevenson, Elizabeth Heller, Gail Matherly, Gwen Alton (USA)

- Men's 65+ Team Pursuit: Bob Barber, Steve Davies, Ken Whitehead, Mervyn Wilson, Brian Cookson (Gbr)

- Men's 35/39 Pursuit: Bradley Norton AUS
- Men's 50/54 Sprint: Marek Skorski POL
- Men's 40/44 Pursuit: Ben Neppl AUS
- Men's 45/49 Pursuit: Joel Stewart GBR
- Men's 55-59 Time Trial: Geoff Stoker AUS
- Men's 60-64 Time Trial: Gary Mandy AUS


Female Team Pursuits

Womens 35-44 Category
1 Torq Performance (Gbr) 4.49.832
Jennifer George, Maddy Moore, Mel Sneddon, Jan Birkmyre,

2. Sirens of The Pine (Gbr) 4.50.070
Melanie Dobbins, Alison Fovargue, Georgina Paul, Niki Kovacs

Womens 45-54 Category
1. Swing Up Sisters (Gbr) 5.01.588
Julie Scales, Jayne Daine, Lindsay Clarke, Lynne Biddulph

2. Pursuit of Happiness (USA) 5.04.317
Vikki Appel, Kylie Matulick, Elise Traylor, Charlene Yarnall

3. VC Astar Anderside (Gbr)
Donna Clayton, Gillian Anderson, Alison Winslap Mackay, Carol Scott

Womens 55-64
1 Almost Heaven (USA)
Mindee Stevenson, Elizabeth Heller, Gail Matherly, Gwen Alton

3. KJBP (Gbr) caught in 1.40.542
Paula Fisher, Janice McWilliam, Barbara Wiles, Karen Brooks


Mens 65 Team Pursuit
1. Made in Manchester (Gbr)
Bob Barber, Steve Davies, Ken Whitehead, Mervyn Wilson, Brian Cookson

2. Team Bostick (USA) caught in 3.47.016
Mark Altamirano, Charles Hoffman, Kent Bostick, John Hines, David Mulica

3. Sub_5 (USA)
Steven Worley, Larry Wolft, Leo Longo, Shannon Fox

4. France caught in 2.10.055
Jean-Michel Richefort, Christian Muselet, Michel Francois, Andre Petitpas, Patrick Villain

Mens 35-39 Pursuit
1. Bradley Norton AUS 3.15.742
2. Simon Wilson GBR 3.17.607
3. Michal Ladosz POL 3.18.771
4. Gert Fouche RSA 3.21.557

Mens 40-44 Pursuit
1. Ben Neppl AUS 3.21.907
2. Robert West GBR 3.29.682
3. James Perkins GBR 3.29.044
4. Ed Nicholson GBR 3.29.523

Mens 45-49 Pursuit
1. Joel Stewart GBR 3.28.095
2. Andrew Bruce GBR 3.30.535
3. Heath Dotson USA 3.33.792
4. Jason Kierman GBR 3.36.323


Mens 50-54 Sprint

1. Marek Skorski POL
2. Brian Abers USA

3. Victor Shapovalov RUS
4. Christopher Pyatt GBR


Mens 55-59 Time Trial
1 Geoff Stoker AUS 34.046
2 Grenville Scullard RSA 34.607
3 Lee Rowe GBR 34.638
4 Adrian Dent GBR 34.721
5 Mark Wiffen GBR 35.352
6 Ferruccio Veschetti ITA 35.702
7 Reijo Kahari FIN 36.200
8 Wilhelmus Zegers USA 36.200
9 Frederick Stanage USA 36.330
10 Robert Francis USA 36.789
11 Simon Schmidt GBR 37.292
12 Vladimir Makeev RUS 37.314
13 Thomas Watt AUS 37.424
14 Bruno Mery FRA 37.548
15 Hendrik Grobbelaar RSA 37.891
16 Dave Fairburn AUS 37.947
17 Brian Fudge GBR 38.071
18 Peter Selkrig AUS 38.269
19 Gabriel Marcos Mourelos ARG 38.770
20 Gary Matthews GBR 38.770
21 Jiri Hledik CZE 38.858
22 Dominique Sioul FRA 38.890
23 Sandor Szilagyi HUN 39.543
24 Glenn Grant GBR 39.725
25 Franciszek Harbacewicz POL 40.097
26 Christopher Welham GBR 41.893
27 Phil Jarvie AUS 43.084
28 Yvan Pirio FRA 43.084
29 Stephen Light GBR 57.470


Mens 60-64 Time Trial
1 Gary Mandy AUS 33.942 New World Masters Best Time
2 Aron Seiken USA 35.023
3 Carlos Daniel Zicavo ARG 36.080
4 James Joseph GUY 36.127
5 Steve Wilkinson GBR 36.136
6 Richard Voss USA 36.201
7 Gerrit Schepers RSA 36.492
8 Peter Hine GBR 37.361
9 Bruno Denhaene FRA 37.450
10 Gary Hartles GBR 37.889
11 Clythio Buggenhout BRA 38.657
12 Alister Ogg GBR 38.995
13 Mick James GBR 39.226
14 Uwe Rübling GER 39.877
15 Jean-Pierre Guinebert FRA 40.066
16 Bruno Coquillaud FRA 40.130
17 Vadim Shcherbakov RUS 40.410
18 Jeremy Burfoot NZL 41.350
19 Kazimierz Golonka POL 42.269
20 Yves Le Quernec FRA 42.420
DNF Gary Lawrence USA (puncture)

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