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The UCI will be enforcing the articles which deal with clothing, saddle and equipment design at this years World Masters.

We are pubishing the sections of that will most interest riders at this years event in order to give them time to prepare correctly.



  • The apparel cannot be adapted to serve any other purpose apart from that of clothing
  • It is not permitted to use clothing or skinsuit to which non-essential parts have been added in order to improve their aerodynamic nature, such as, for example, wings under the arms or an extension between the helmet and the jersey or the suit
  • The clothing has to conform to the curve of the body in any case.
  • It is forbidden to wear items designed to influence the performances of a rider such as reducing air resistance or modifying the body of the rider (compression, stretching, support)
  • Only “plain textile material” can be used for the apparel, with textile defined as a material made up of yarns and fibres which has an open mesh “fabric” structure.
  • No “mesh-closing” surface treatments or coatings are permitted except for logos and labels.
  • This rule does not apply to shoe covers, gloves or rain gear.


  • Adding a removable cover is not allowed, but the visors are authorized if they are produced specifically for the helmet.
  • There is no regulation about the surface condition, or composition of the material used for the helmet, but it is not possible to add anything to it.
  • It is forbidden to incorporate electronic systems into apparel or helmets.
  • Dimensions of time trial helmets will be regulated.
  • Wearing a rigid safety helmet is mandatory.
  • The helmet must be approved by the official security standards, must not have been modified and must not have suffered any shock or accident.

Shoes, Shoe Covers, Gloves, Socks.

  • All shoes that are given an aerodynamic shape by means of a non-essential addition, whether to the heel or front of the shoe will be prohibited. No part of the shoes must exceed the height of the ankle.
  • The use of shoe covers will be prohibited during events on a covered track.
  • Socks (and shoe covers) used in competition must not exceed the mid-distance between the ankle and the knee.
  • Gloves used in track competition cannot be mitten with only one, two or three separations between the fingers.

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